The Aklaim offers wellness for your back at your workplace. All over perforated seats and backrests ensure continuous air circulation and an optimal seating climate. When work hygiene is of concern, the detachable and individually exchangeable polyurethane upholstery allows for new options, especially at multi-shift workplaces. Healthy, dynamic sitting is supported by amply dimensioned seats with variable inclination angles as well as high backrests with individually adjustable contact pressure.

  • Locking device for backrest inclination adjustment.
  • Seat height adjustment.
  • Precisely adjustable backrest support
  • Ergonomic upholstery
  • Robust solid construction
  • Easy to clean.
  • Each worker can have a seat cushion of their own.



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Aklaim   WS9211

Aklaim   WS9210

Aklaim  WS9210TPU
Aklaim  WS9211TPU

Aklaim   WS9220

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