~ Milagon Sample Chair Program ~

Try it before you buy it…

Do you need to purchase several chairs but want to make 100% certain that the model and options you select will meet your requirements or application? Ordering a sample chair through a participating Milagon distributor using our sample program is both fast and easy.

  1. Contact Milagon customer service at 800-889-4049
    • Our customer service department will help you determine the exact chair model and options to fit your needs, and then have a participating Milagon distributor contact you to place a 'sample order'. The distributor will request a purchase order from you.
  2. Milagon will ship the sample chair to you within 48 hours of receiving your order through the distributor.
  3. You can evaluate the chair for up to 30 days.
  4. After the evaluation, you can keep the sample chair and pay the invoice or return the chair for full credit, minus shipping costs. It's that easy!

Milagon provides sample chairs on large orders of 10 or more chairs, so you can be certain the chair will fit your needs before you buy.  For sample programs for smaller potential orders or other questions, please contact customer service today at 800-889-4049

** To request a Return Authorization for an item, please send an email to sales@milagon.com or by calling Milagon customer service.   Please include your name, address, phone number, and order number so we can process your request as soon as possible.  Returns must be received within 14 days of RGA issue.



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